About Us

On Site Truck Alignment has been operating in the Vaal Triangle since 2004 and has expanded to the Rand and across South Africa ever since.

Company director, Johan Besselaar, pioneered the mobile truck alignment industry in 1994, being one of the very first to explore and provide this specialized service.

We Work On

Our technicians make use of German manufactured Haweka equipment which provide accurate readings almost immediately.
On Site Truck Alignment


On Site Truck Alignment


On Site Truck Alignment


On Site Truck Alignment


Our Speciality

Our ability to accommodate our clients just about anywhere and any time, limits downtime, which means that we are keeping their transport operation in the fast lane, whilst also saving money on tyres and fuel.

Equipment is calibrated before each reading and clients can ask for a calibration certificate on site.

CASTER is the MOST COMMON problem of tyre wear. Due to South African road surfaces tyres tend to wear out on the outside of the left tyres and on the inside of the right tyres. To correct his, we insert casters.

It is recommended to have wheel alignment done every three months or every 30 000km.

On Site Truck Alignment
On Site Truck Alignment

Suspension Repairs

In addition to wheel alignment On Site Truck Alignment also offers suspension repairs on tie rod ends, ball joints and king-pins – ON SITE.

We make use of Vesconite, which is injected via a Nu Tech Polymer Bushing System.

Unlike Teflon or Polymers, Vesconite is more durable and has proven great results and positive feedback from satisfied clients.

On Site Truck Alignment provides the client with a one year warranty on suspension repairs. Terms & Conditions apply.


Arrive & Quote

We arrive at your premises, check your vehicle and quote on site.

Suspension Repair

We recon suspension parts such as king pins, tie rod ends, ball joints etc. One year warranty. Terms & Conditions apply.

Wheel Bearings

We adjust wheel bearings on site.

Wheel Alignment

With 16 years experience in the industry, we specialise in wheel alignment.

Wheel Balancing

We only do wheel balancing on special request.


Our technicians are qualified to correct the following alignment issues: pull of the vehicle to the left or right, wandering and instability, poor return ability and excessive road shock.

Correct wheel alignment saves on fuel costs (up to 10%) and increases tyre life by up to 25%.

After each alignment, we e-mail the client with a before and after print out.

We provide excellent after sales care.

We guarantee the highest quality of work to our clients.